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About me

My work is my passion.
  • Every day I am a teacher (lecturer) at a cosmetic school, I run trainings, a stationary online store and a beauty salon Bella Donna Salon in Gdynia.

    I try to be up to date in the field of eyelash extension, facelift and lamination of eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as in modeling, coloring and reconstruction of eyebrows, microblading. I constantly improve my qualifications by regularly training in the best in this industry. I consider my patience in my private and professional life as a very big asset, although I am also very demanding. I willingly communicate the acquired knowledge because a good teacher has no secrets from you :-D

  • I confirmed my skills by starting in the championships in Poland as well as internationally, standing on the podium among others in Warsaw, Latvia, Croatia, Norway, Slovenia and Italy.

I invite you to visit my beauty salon Bella Donna Salon.
Willing to broaden their horizons I cordially invite you to certified training!

Below, more about me and my achievements and trainings I conduct - I invite you to read!

Grażyna Kleba - Lash & Brow
Grażyna Kleba - Lash & Brow
Grażyna Kleba - Lash & Brow

Achievements and services

My achievements in the international arena

1st place in the Kolibri Europ Chempionship Championship - Eyebrow Correction & Coloring - 2016
2nd place in the Kolibri Europ Championship - Classic Eybrow Shaping category master - 2017
3rd place in the Kolibri Europ Championship - Brow renewal championship - 2017.
3rd place in the Lash Pro Championships in Slovenia - Classic Look - categorical expert - 2016
3rd place in the championship of Croatia - Classic Look - category expert
2nd place in the Baltic Beauty 2016 Championship Category Brow Design master - 2016

Grażyna Kleba - Lash & Brow
Grażyna Kleba - Lash & Brow

Grand Prix in the Baltic Beauty 2016 Championship
- special prize for winning the most points at the championships - 2016
4th place at the championship in Norway 2016- Classic Look
4th place at the championships in Norway 2016- 2-3D
Special prize for Mega volume in Ireland
Special Prize from Ekatarin Kimlov for durability and accuracy
1st place Lash Champions League 2017 - Eyelash Lamination, category expert.

Speaker at the National Congress of makeup artists in Gdańsk 2017, topics:
1. Modeling of the face and eyebrow arches as the main elements of creating a facial image.
2. Modification of the shape of eyebrows in men.

Judge at the International Lash it On Extension and Thickening Championship - Warsaw, 23-24 February 2018.
Lecturer at the International Lash It On Championship - Warsaw, February 25, 2018 "Creating a masculine image with the help of eyebrows"

Lecturer - Lash Me! in Warsaw Conference 18 May 2018 - "Salon eyebrows with the WOW effect".

Grażyna Kleba - Lash & Brow


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